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$1 Billion Investment Fraud

A Florida attorney was arrested Tuesday on federal racketeering and fraud charges alleging he operated a $1 billion investment scheme involving phony legal settlements.

Scott Rothstein, Esq. was charged with wire fraud, money laundering, and mail and wire fraud conspiracy. The combined prison term for conviction could total 100 years.

It is believe that Rothstein sought to fee his arrest. The Court refused him bail because he had wired $16 million to a Morocco bank account and was carrying $500,000 in cash when he flew to Morocco. He eventually returned on that trip.

Federal agents have seized Rothstein’s boats, including an 87-foot yacht, as well as 20 luxury cars and numerous other assets, including his share of the Miami Beach mansion formerly owned by fashion designer Gianni Versace. Prosecutors are also going after 21 homes and other properties linked to Rothstein in Florida, New York and along Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay.

Rothstein has been disbarred by the Florida Supreme Court. Several investors have already filed lawsuits seeking their money back, including one case demanding more than $100 million in damages.